MPT Man on Equipment Web 1We first met Mike when he was referred by my wife’s Orthopedic Surgeon to help her recover from hip replacement surgery.  She responded well to his gentle guidance, and thoughtful persistence and she liked him so much, she requested him as her therapist after having her second hip replacement a year later.  I was so impressed with Mike that I began seeing him to get some relief of arthritis in my lower back.  In a relatively short period of time, I was able to get off pain relief medications altogether. We would highly recommend Mike, without reservation.
David & Gale

MPT Woman on Equipment Web 1Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us. You truly have become more like family than a provider for us. I have enjoyed every visit with you and will miss you all when we leave the island. I hope to keep in touch and will visit if I ever come back. Mahalo.
J. & J. Taylor

With Mike’s help and encouragement, I have made steady progress and have gained confidence after a fall that left me unsteady on my feet. His physical therapy treatments have allowed me to return to my normal activities and maintain my independence.
A. Johnson
(Senior Citizen)

After my elderly aunt broke her hip, she needed physical therapy three times a week to regain her ability to walk. The convenience of having Mike go to her home was a tremendous benefit towards her recovery and a relief to the family. She felt more comfortable in her own home and didn’t have the stress and inconvenience of traveling to the hospital. She found Mike to be a friendly, competent and caring young man.
K. Rosehill
(niece of 91 year old aunt)

MPT Man on Equipment WebI have been going to Maresca Physical Therapy since 2012. I have chronic degenerative spinal disease and Michael Maresca was my physical therapist. He designed a program to strengthen my back and core and I have been able to achieve great results in reducing the levels of pain I experienced before treatment. Additionally, I injured my leg and I specifically requested through my doctor and insurance provider that I be sent back to Michael Maresca for all my physical therapy needs. My daughter was diagnosed with advanced scoliosis of her upper and lower back and required spinal surgery. With the help of her doctor and insurance provider, Mike Maresca was our first choice for her physical therapist to help her recover her range of motion and strength and the results are impressive.
A. Martin